Chiropractic Testimonials

"I've been looking for a chiropractor for 4 years that I sync with...Dr. Troy Sebo! Woohoo!!! This isn't my first rodeo with chiropractic and I am a very discerning patient when it comes to the type of treatment I receive. Not only is Dr. T a great doctor, my adjustments and therapeutic treatments are amazing. He is a kind, caring person and really looks after his patient "family". if you are looking for a great doctor and great care, take it from a chiropractic expert patient- he's the doctor for you!"

- Lisa S.

"Dr. Troy is the best chiropractor I’ve ever visited. As a dog trainer, I end up with lots of big dogs jumping on me & pulling leashes, so I’m frequently needing adjustment. I usually enter the office in pain, & walk out pain free! Dr. Troy enables me to be as active & strong as I was 20 years ago, which is invaluable to me. I cannot recommend him enough!"

- Lauren R.

"If you need a chiropractor, I suggest Dr. Sebo at Whole Body Chiropractic Allen! Last Tuesday I completely threw out my back and couldn't get off the floor. After a week of visits and instructions I am almost back to normal. I thought it was going to take weeks with the way I felt!"

- Jennifer D.

"Dr. Troy is an incredibly skilled Chiropractor and artist. I truly believe I would be in a wheelchair, or addicted to painkillers, if it wasn't for him."

- Leslie J.

"Dr. Troy was awesome! The office is beautifully furnished and he has all the latest tech and gadgets to pinpoint where you need treatment. I left feeling like a new person!"

- Ty P.

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